Photo: Hiroyasu DAIDOU


The Quartet was founded in 1986 by alumni of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. The repertoire amounts to about 70 works of different styles, from baroque works, like the Art of the Fugue by J. S. Bach to modern works, like pieces by Bartók and Pärt, which are all played from memory.

Periodic Concerts

“String Quartets on Weekends” (organized by Triton Arts Network and Dai-ichi-seimei Hall)
2002 Beethoven, complete string quartets
2003 Schubert, major string quartets (seven works)
2004 Mozart, „Haydn String Quartets”(all six works)
2005 Bartók, complete string quartets
2006 Dvořak, major string quartets (five works)
2009 Schostakovich, complete string quartets

“There is a fun in difficulty!” (organized by Quartetto Classico/ Lecture-Concert)
2010 Beethoven, late string quartets
2011 Bartók, complete string quartets

Other Concerts

1996 Performance of „Different Trains” with the composer Steve Reich from New York
(First joint concert of Japanese musicians with Mr. Reich)
1999 Collaboration with Dance Company ‘nomad's’ at Japanese Embassy in Athens
(Supported by The Japan Foundation)
2005 Invitational performance at “La Folle Journée au Japon” at Tokyo Kokusai Forum
2006~ Lecture-Concert:“You can see the Music! In Shin-Yurigaoka” (13 Concerts)
2008~ “The room of Haydn” (Complete Quartets/17 Concerts)
Japan Chamber Music Foundation
Public Trust Memorial of Luis Graeler Chamber Music Foundation
Japan Arts Fund
The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences
1997 Muramatsu Award (awarded a string quartet for the first time)
2004 The National Arts Festival Grand Prize
2007 The National Arts Festival Prize
2000 Beethoven, Late String Quartets Nos.12-16 (4 CDs) (Ewe Records) Ewe-0012-0015
2001 Bach, „The Art of the Fugue” (Ewe Records) Ewe-1080
2003 Schubert, „Death and the Maiden” etc. (Avex-CLASSICS) AVCL-25002
2004 Mozart, six „Haydn String Quartets” (3 CDs) (Avex-CLASSICS) AVCL-25021-25023
2011 Bartók, complete string quartets (2 CDs) (Créasion)
First Violin KAWAHARA Chima
Second Violin HANAZAKI Atsumi
Viola MIWA Maki
Violoncello TASAKI Mizuhiro